Investitures 37 – Phoenix Fire & Polar Ice

Myes and George represented Transmasculine Alliance Houston at Investitures 37, which is the event where the emperor and empress of The Empire of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc. announce their line of succession and name their beneficiaries. Emperor 37, Landon J. Fatale, announced LGBT Switchboard Houston as his beneficiary and Empress 37, Ivanna Cupcake, announced Transmasculine Alliance Houston as her beneficiery. They will hold shows and fundraisers throughout the year and present these donations to their beneficiaries at the 38th Investitures next year.

The event, held at the Montrose Center on February 26, 2022, was quite a show. Literally! Dozens of drag queens in mile high wigs and flowing gowns strutted their stuff and Ivanna and Landon performed for the crowd. ERSCISS will hold shows and fundraisers throughout the year, which TMAH will be promoting.