TMAH Meetings and Events

At our meetings, we hold workshops and engage in open dialogue around aspects of our trans masculine identity, such as navigating gendered spaces, hormones and surgery, social transitioning, and dating and relationships. As a peer-led group, all meetings, discussions, and presentations are led by TMAH members. We are always looking for more people to lead meetings or give presentations! Have an idea for a meeting, or want to lead a meeting yourself? Email your ideas to

Want to come to a HTMA meeting? Here’s some things to know

  • Meetings are limited to those who are AFAB (assigned female at birth) and identify as FtM, transmasculine, non-binary, or are questioning their gender. Participants must be 18 or older.
  • If you do not fit the listed demographic for the group but are interested in being involved in another capacity (as an ally, for research or for educational purposes) please visit the Houston Transgender Meetup page to find the group that fits you.
  • While TMAH is intended for people in the Houston and Houston-adjacent area, non-Houstonians are fully welcome to attend Zoom meetings and join our Discord.
  • Meetings usually begin with going around the group with names, pronouns, and our highs/lows of the week before moving into the presentation or discussion topic.
  • Try to arrive on time, but it is okay to be late! Meetings usually run 6:30-8:30pm, but you are free to jump in or leave at any time.
  • Zoom-specific Rules
    • Please respect the privacy of our attendees, and be mindful of your location when calling in. If you don’t have a private location available, please wear headphones.
    • We encourage attendees to include their pronouns in their name on Zoom. (Note: you can change your username for each individual zoom meeting your attend when joining. This does not change anything on your standard zoom profile.) ​

Working Agreements

  1. What happens at TMAH stays at TMAH.
  2. Share the floor and make space for quieter voices.
  3. Practice respectful dialogue.
  4. Honor the diversity of everyone’s identity and opinions

In Person Meetings: Every 1st and 3rd Friday, 6:30-8:30pm, in room #111 of the Montrose Center.

TMAH Online and Unfiltered: As with our in person meetings, this meeting is open to anyone assigned female at birth (AFAB) who identifies as FtM, transmasculine, non binary, or questioning their gender. There usually is no set topic and we usually end at around 9pm. Bring your questions, thoughts, and surprise pet interruptions!

Email us at for the link, as it changes monthly.