Metamorphosis TMAH Zine 01


The trans experience is one that extends across many different horizons. Each of the paths we take are different, but our emergence into our most authentic selves is universal. In our journeys there is suffering and doubt, pain and pressure–but more than that, there is beauty, euphoria, and a sense of divinity in our becoming that is hard to deny. 

This zine will take an intimate look at the journey of coming out and navigating the world with our new wings. From the stage of caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly, every step of this journey is something breathtaking and individual. See artists and authors weave a colorful story of their metamorphosis and rebirth, and the art that is inherent in being a self made man, woman, or someone who decided to do away with the whole affair. 

This goes out to all of our trans siblings, no matter what stage of life they are in. Celebrate the joy that lives within your actualization, and live your truth. We hope that you may find a home in this zine. 

Goal and Submissions

Create art or writing that represents what being trans, coming out, or transitioning means to you. This zine focuses on the concepts of happiness, self actualization, and the concepts of rebirth/divinity in being trans. This can include healing, conquering your traumas, daily victories and happiness, and the process of becoming. Straightforward, abstract, all is welcome! We just ask to keep it all ages appropriate and do not use any copyrighted characters, franchises, etc. Please email your entries to


Through the website and paypal, we will distribute paper copies of the zine both in person and through shipping. Charities to consider are Transgender Law Center, Trans Justice Funding Project, FORGE, The Okra Project and Trans Lifeline. 


Myles – Director, Foreword, Editor, Writing

Nexus – Director, Editor, Formatting 

Ruben – Writing/Essay

Theo – Art, Cover 

Ed  – Art

Landon – Art